3 Things You Never Knew About Your Transmission

Posted by ataylor on July 15, 2018

3 Things You Never Knew About Your Transmission

Jul 15, 2018

How much do you know about the transmission in your German automobile? Your import car isn’t like every other car on the road; it requires careful and precise care to run at peak performance. This includes the transmission!


You can let your local German auto expert handle your car’s repairs, but it’s still important that you understand the following three facts about your transmission so you can maintain proper home care and stay alert for signs of trouble. 


Pick Your Transmission Fluid Wisely


Just like any other car part or material, transmission fluid is available in a range of qualities. Using the wrong fluid in your German auto could significantly shorten the life of your transmission.


The role of transmission fluid in the transmission can be compared to the role of water in an aquarium. If that water does not maintain the right pH level or temperature, the animals inside could die. The same concepts apply to a transmission, since cheap or poorly made transmission fluid will not efficiently lubricate the transmission and protect it from excessive heat.


Know the Signs of Transmission Failure


Some transmission problems are obvious, but others are sneaky and subtle. As soon as you notice any of the following symptoms, head straight to Potter’s Precision Imports to get the transmission care your German auto needs.


  • Burning smell from under the hood
  • Trouble shifting into gear
  • Low humming sound
  • Low fluid levels
  • Car shaking at any speed


Only Trust Your Transmission to German Auto Experts


The experts at Potter’s Precision Imports in St. Petersburg, Florida understand that your German vehicle needs special and customized maintenance and care. Every technician at Potter’s specializes in Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi vehicles, so you can trust that your import auto will get the highest quality service during transmission repair. Call (727) 228-6012 to schedule an appointment today.   

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