BMW Is Making History with ReachNow

Posted by ataylor on May 15, 2017

BMW Is Making History with ReachNow

May 15, 2017

German automakers like BMW are worried about the future. As the practicality and affordability of fossil fuels are called into question, and as giant companies like Uber and Lyft prove that ridesharing is in high demand across the country, many automakers are trying to plan for a future where the number of actual drivers decreases dramatically. BMW in particular has developed a ReachNow carsharing service in Seattle that is now equipped with more than 100 “Light and Charge” electric vehicle charges around the city.  

What is ReachNow?

Though not quite as popular as Uber and Lyft, ReachNow is BMW’s carsharing service available in Seattle, Portland, and New York City for car reservations. A fleet of over 1,000 cars is available to serve the 50,000 current ReachNow members.

Why Electric Car Chargers?

ReachNow has launched its “Light and Charge” electric vehicle charger system in Seattle to transform street lamps and light poles into electric vehicle chargers. According to ReachNow, the addition of these charges will double the number of publically available electric vehicle stations in Seattle. As Steve Banfield, ReachNow CEO explained, “Public access to charging stations is a critical step to increasing the adoption and use of electric vehicles. The more EV charging stations there are, the faster we can scale the number of EVs in the ReachNOw fleet and make sustainable urban transportation services more widely available.”

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