Is Electric the Future of German Cars?

Posted by ataylor on September 15, 2017

Is Electric the Future of German Cars?

Sep 15, 2017

In the ever-evolving nature of the automobile industry, auto leaders in Germany just drew a line in the sand: electric is the future. At the 67th edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show last month, that message was made loud and clear. This is especially significant, considering that Germany is one of the biggest consumers of fuel in Europe.

To demonstrate their devotion to the electric auto trend, the Volkswagen Group, Daimler Group, and BMW Group have committed investments exceeding 50 billion euros to develop electric cars. In fact, Volkswagen wants to lead the way and has declared its desire to be the largest electric car maker by 2025. According to Matthias Muller, the global CEO of the Volkswagen group, the company is “launching its largest electrification initiative in the automotive industry - first, we are going to fine tune and step up our production. The Group is going to electrify its entire model line-up, which means that by 2030, there will be at least one electrified variant for over 300 group models across all brands in all markets.”

Muller’s words are not to be ignored, especially as other brands like Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, and Porsche are making the same goals. “Transformation of our industry is unstoppable and we are going to lead this,” Muller explained. It’s likely that Volkswagen is eager to outrun its rival in the premium segment, Mercedes Benz, which has also committed to investing 10 billion euros in electrification.      

There’s no doubt about it: German auto enthusiasts will have their choice of a wide range of vehicles over the next few years, many of which will be electric cars. If you plan to experience an electric German auto for yourself, you need to make sure that you have a mechanic on speed dial who is devoted to understanding and nurturing every nuance of your vehicle. Potters Precision Imports is just that place. The team at Potters specializes in all things German, and their St. Petersburg Auto Repair Shop can tackle any problem or need you face with your Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi vehicles.

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