How Tesla Came to Surpass BMW's Global Value

Jul 07, 2017

BMW has long been known as the luxury car brand that provides “sheer driving pleasure.” With efficient dynamics, sleek design, and intelligent handling, BMW vehicles have been pleasing drivers for generations. However, competitor Tesla recently managed to surpass BMW to become the fourth most valuable car company in the world. So what does Tesla have to offer that its value has suddenly surged?

This is an interesting question, especially when considering the number of cars delivered by each brand over the last year. Since this time in 2016, BMW has delivered more than two million cars to consumers, while Tesla hasn’t even delivered a full 80,000. Despite this huge discrepancy, Tesla is valued a $61.6 billion while Germany’s BMW sits at $61.2 billion. That leaves only Toyota, Daimler, and Volkswagen as more valuable companies than Tesla.

The answer to Tesla’s value sits not in its current number of deliveries, but in the company’s ambition to grow rapidly over the next three years and reach annual production of 1 million vehicles by 2020. In addition, Tesla is known as more than a car manufacturer due to its efforts in the renewable energy industry. This makes it difficult to directly compare Tesla to a car manufacturer like BMW, especially given the additional reasons that the company might draw new investors.

However, there is no doubt that BMW drivers love their German imports, regardless of where the company sits compared to Tesla in value. The all new BMW X3, for example, is “a statement of unlimited opportunities and an expression of sheer presence and freedom. From the very first glance, it impresses with its athletic appearance and fascinates with an exciting driving experience.”

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