The Importance of Using a Specialized Repair Shop for Your German Import

Apr 15, 2018

If you needed a haircut, you wouldn’t hand the scissors to your six-year-old daughter. If you needed to eliminate an ant infestation in your kitchen, you wouldn’t ask your doctor for help. So why would you take your valuable German import auto to the dealership? In order to get the best service possible for your German luxury car, you need to take it to an independent repair shop capable of giving your vehicle the customized and dedicated attention it deserves.

Always Demand OEM Parts

In order to maintain the true integrity of your German car, it’s critical to find a mechanic that uses Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, parts. When your car receives OEM parts, its broken or worn parts are replaced with exact replicas of the parts originally installed on the assembly line. This is dramatically different than aftermarket parts, which are not sourced from your car’s manufacturer and don’t offer the same reliable quality or warranty. When you have such a valuable and costly investment, there is no reason to allow less reliable aftermarket parts to compromise your auto’s integrity.

Trust That Your Technician Won’t Take Shortcuts

If your vehicle is under a Full Factory warranty and only goes to the dealership for service, you might think you are receiving the very best service, but this is often not the case. First, you cannot guarantee that the technician working on your car will complete a proper inspection. If he does find an issue, he can only "add-on" a repair if it is a "safety" item or an "active" drip. This significantly limits the scope of attention your car will receive at the dealership.

On the other hand, when you visit an independent repair shop like Potter’s Precision Imports in St. Petersburg, Florida, your German luxury car will be thoroughly inspected by technicians who are German auto experts. If an issue is discovered, Potters will act as your concierge and take your car to the dealer to tell the advisor the issues so he can put the complaint on the repair order. Then, the proper repair can be performed.   

All too often, a German vehicle will go out of warranty and the customer will begin to find issues that should have been corrected while under warranty. Even the Full Synthetic Motul 8100XS oil Potter's Precision Imports uses is of much higher quality then what is offered at the dealership.  The criteria to be call "Full Synthetic" is much higher in Europe compared to the US, and that matters for your German auto! Mobil 1 in the US does not meet Full Synthetic standards in Europe, but Potter’s Motul oil does.

The bottom line? Let Potter's Precision Imports take care of your vehicle so that you can enjoy the best results time and time again! The Master Certified Technicians at Potter’s specialize in Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi vehicles. Call (727) 228-6012 to schedule an appointment with Potter’s Precision Imports, and get your import auto the attention it deserves.  


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