Why Are OEM Parts Important?

May 07, 2017

If your belt broke in the middle of the workday, you wouldn’t want to replace it with a rope, would you? Though the rope might be able to serve the basic function of a belt, it could never offer the efficiency, reliability, and appeal of a real leather belt. The same principle applies to the car parts, especially for German import autos that use very specific parts to maintain the ultimate function and driving experience.

In order to maintain the true integrity of your German car, it’s critical to find a mechanic that uses Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, parts. When your car receives OEM parts, its broken or worn parts are replaced with exact replicas of the parts originally installed on the assembly line. This is dramatically different than aftermarket parts, which are not sourced from your car’s manufacturer and don’t offer the same reliable quality or warranty.

Overall, there are three main reasons that you should always ensure your car is repaired with OEM parts. First, OEM parts always comply with your warranty and won’t risky voiding a valuable warranty for any reason. Many manufacturers consider aftermarket parts to void warranty because they can cause more damage in the long run and drive up repair costs.

Second, OEM parts strictly match the quality that you expect from your German automaker like Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. When you have such a valuable and costly investment, there is no reason to allow less reliable aftermarket parts to compromise your auto’s integrity.

Finally, utilizing OEM parts significantly simplifies the replacement process, because you know they will fit properly without causing any additional problems. Since so many aftermarket products are designed under a “one size fits all” method, they are rarely tailored to your vehicle’s exact needs. Selecting OEM parts is always the safest choice.

Potter’s Precision Imports in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the ultimate auto repair destination for your beloved German auto. The Master Certified Technicians at Potter’s specialize in Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Audi vehicles and always use OEM parts to ensure the highest-quality repairs. Call (727) 228-6012 to schedule an appointment with Potter’s Precision Imports, and get your import auto the attention it deserves.  


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