Everything You Should Know about BMW Connected+

Aug 09, 2017

In today’s digitally-connected world, you can access everything from your home’s thermostat to your email from your phone. BMW doesn’t see any reason to stop the interconnectedness there; the German auto maker recently announced its release of the BMW Connected+, a combination of services and apps that transform your BMW into a smart device. If you are already a proud BMW owner, here’s what you should know about this exciting development.

Connected+: The Digital Bridge

BMW is advertising its Connected+ as a digital bridge between smartphones and automobiles. As explained by Dieter May, BMW senior vice president in charge of Digital Products and Services, “We can use digital experiences to differentiate. It’s not just about wheels and engines and rims.” The services available through Connected+ are divided into My Car, My Life, My Journey, and My Assistant. Each category serves unique purposes that enhance user experience and make it immediately possibly to sync the use of a BMW with the rest of life’s demands.

Exploring an Example

BMW+ works in a number of different ways. Here is just one example. If you have a meeting on the other side of town, you can share the address with your BMW Connected+, and the app will calculate when you need to leave your current location in order to arrive on time at your destination. You can also remotely turn on the air conditioning, so your interior feels cool when you hop inside. It’s even possible for the Connected+ to determine how long it will take to walk to your parking spot, check if you have enough gas for your trip, and suggest the best gas station if needed.

Whatever technology assistance you need, there’s no doubt that the BMW Connected+ can provide it! The only thing it can’t provide is specialized service and repair, so when you need a transmission repair, oil change, or scheduled tune-up for your German auto, turn to Potter’s Precision Imports. As St. Petersburg’s premier auto repair shop, Potter’s can provide every expert service you need to keep your BMW in optimal condition. Call (727) 228-6012 today to make your first appointment!    


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