Mercedes-Benz Boasts Its First Pickup Truck

Feb 10, 2017

Mercedes-Benz is heating up the auto industry and giving import auto enthusiasts here in America a reason to get excited. At the 87th Geneva International Motor Show this March, Mercedes-Benz will introduce its long awaited X Class, Mercedes’ first pickup truck that is expected to go on sale in Europe toward the end of 2017. Geared toward outdoor enthusiasts, commercial customers, and families, the midsize pickup boasts two different concepts. If you’re eager to be one of the first people to drive a Mercedes pickup truck, here are the details you should know.

The Style

This new Mercedes vehicle offers to different concepts, as production has not yet begun. The first style concept is called the Stylish Explorer. It is designed with a road warrior SUV in mind, but with the classic Mercedes touch of sleek bodywork. This vehicle also has larger wheels. The second style, Powerful Adventurer, is meant to offer off-road toughness. Chunky tires and plastic wheel arch protectors emphasis its use off the beaten path.

According to Dieter Zetsche, Daimler’s chairman and head of Mercedes-Benz cars, “With the Mercedes-Benz pickup, we will close one of the last gaps in our portfolio. The X-Class will set new standards in a growing segment.”

Selling Points

Unfortunately, America is not on the list of countries where this unique pickup will originally be sold. Mercedes is first focusing on the key markets where sales of midsize pickups are soaring, including Europe, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina. America, on the other hand, sold only 450,000 midsize pickup trucks compared to 2.2 million full-size last year. It’s true that sales of midsize pickups in America have been rising this year, so Mercedes is only likely to extend the X-Class into America if those sales continue steady growth.

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